Album Club: Husky - Forever So (Book Club for Music)

I love Laura's idea of a book club, but how about we don't just restrict this collective enjoyment to books. So I launch this idea: Album Club. I've started. Basically, just listen to the album or included songs and then comment. Hate it, love it? Start some discussions, or suggest your own ideas for Album Club!

Totally dazzling, Forever So, by Melbourne outfit Husky, can feel a little repetitive, but at the same time captivating. It's charming and innocent, light, dark and graceful, with a dialogue that can leave you feeling fragile and vulnerable. At the same time, it can be upbeat and fun, such as through the song 'History's Door', which has a harder tempo, but still the same delicate attention.

Do you love this too, or hate it? Or are you undecided. Let me know in the comments. And post your own Albums for Album Club. It's like a Book Club, but with music!