Lets be honest Win8 needs a little help....

Ok before any angry post start, I love Windows 8 and when the App store is filled out with useful apps I think it will be the best consumer operating system in existence. That being said I don't know what crack Microsoft has been smoking when it comes to user training.

The Problem

Windows 8 has a huge learning curve for novice users. Not saying it is more difficult, just different enough that if you didn't know what was going on, it would take a significant amount of time to figure out, and some features would likely never be found. We see it time and time again, when someone makes a Win8 hate article and when they list their issues almost all of them have a simple and elegant solution, but they didn't know it existed so they just bashed it. I think it is easy for us to forget that we have been watching and reading coverage on Win8 for over a year and so the changes don't seem that big to us anymore. There is so much confusion around the basic components of Win8 that things like the charm bar get bashed for being pointless, when it is an AMAZING feature. Average users may never know that the devices charm can be used for printing, streaming media, or displaying stuff of a projector, etc. This could all be fixed by a through tutorial from Microsoft, but it seems they have decided that its not worth the effort. They spend years in a bunker developing a killer tablet just to showcase Windows 8 and make sure it is shown in the best possible light, then they don't bother doing anything to teach people how to use it. Their most important launch and their most radical change and all they could come up with was a 10 second gif showing how to bring up the charm bar.


I think that the app store is the perfect opportunity to build a "Help" app. I have no doubt whatsoever that a good help app would quickly rise to the top of the free apps. Something to show the basic benefits of the start screen and how to use it would be relatively simple and also save a lot of people a lot of frustration. So any developers out there looking for an idea of a good app, please think about building a kick ass tutorial to help people who haven't been following windows 8 for the last year figure out what's going on quickly. I know that there will be MANY people who appreciate something like this. The more people that like and buy Windows 8 the more developers take it seriously and get us great apps ASAP. I love Win8 and I would hate for it to go down as another Vista simply because basic users don't know how to use it. What do you guys think?