HTC Providing False Specs For One X (Wifi Direct)

When I first got my unlocked international version of the quad-core One X it had a cool feature listed called "Wifi Direct". It's meant to work kind of like bluetooth, but allows for large file transfer between two supported devices. Sounded great! Now I can send a large video to my friend on the bus or mp3's to my girlfriend without needing another device or uploading it to the web. At least that was the theory. Few days later...

I tried this with my friend's One X. We connected, but that's about it. I couldn't send anything, neither could he.

Then I tried to connect to someone's Samsung Galaxy S3, but it wouldn't even pair. Meanwhile, that same S3 user connected to an S2 and transferred a 1GB video file in about a minute (not sure how long it actually was, but it was damn fast).

I thought it was an issue with the phone, so I had it RMA'd and got a new one. No difference.

I started googling and see that tons of people can't seem to figure it out and I couldn't find a thing on HTC's support FAQ.

Today I hopped on their live-chat and the operator told me that Wifi-direct is indeed supported, but can not send videos or images, and it does not support sending files. He couldn't tell me anything about what use-case there actually is for wifi direct or how to use wifi-direct. Then he spit out a canned message about wifi-direct support and the part in bold stuck out.

Wi-Fi direct is a new connection method, which works pretty much exactly the same way as bluetooth, but using the Wi-Fi link, to allow the sending and receiving of larger files at higher speeds directly between two devices, without the need for a router.

The HTC One S, V and X all support Wi-Fi direct, but at present it appears to be for receiving files only.

The devices which were updated to ICS do not support Wi-Fi direct.

When Wi-Fi direct is active, the phone can not connect to normal Wi-Fi networks. Therefore remember to disable Wi-Fi direct once it is no longer needed.

So I asked him how this is possible if the One X comes with ICS stock. His response was an akward suggestion to use a 3rd party app for file transfer. I showed my disapproval for that response. He then said he would test the feature and after a few minutes he admitted that he can pair two devices, but that's about it. There is no other purpose for this "feature".

Really amazes me that HTC would be dishonest about a phone that is supposed to be their flagship and has been out for so long.

tl;dr HTC claims they support wifi-direct on the One X. This is untrue.