What movies do you think could make great games?

In the last year or two, I've realized that after I see certain movies, I look at them imagining what they would be as a video game. Where I could live in that world as a character, utilize tools and technology/magic, or just basic interaction with the the people and things in it.

I'd like to propose a movie example I want made into a game, but mainly get a discussion going for what movies you readers would love to see translated to an interactive game, and also how you'd do it.

**NOTE: Just to get this out of the way, I'd like some ideas where the gameplay isn't QTE heavy like Heavy Rain or Asura's Wrath, but something where the player has substantial control of what they're doing in the experience.**

My example of a movie I want to see made into a video game would be the 2002 Sci-fi Action film Equilibrium.


Objectively the movie isn't amazing or anything, but it has some of the most striking action scenes that I've seen in a movie ever, and there are some interesting ideas presented in the world.

The movie takes place in the futuristic and rather dystopian city-state of Libria. After a third World War, a totalitarian state grew with an ideology that the root cause of human conflict, is emotion itself. To deal with pesky human emotion, they develop a drug named Prozium that subdues it in people, and to ensure emotion doesn't break through, any objects or materials that promote strong emotion are thrown away. Things likes music, literature, film, art, games, etc.

Since it's not so easy to turn an entire society over to your point of view, the government trains and makes use of the Grammaton Clerics. These Clerics are tasked with raiding areas with emotional material, and execute "sense offenders" for keeping said materials. To accomplish this, Clerics are highly trained, and make use of the martial arts form gun kata. As you may guess, the martial arts form is based around using firearms like older tools in martial arts, where you refine them to be an extension of yourself to deal with any threat. The more sci-fi fantastical stuff is that these soldiers are so trained they can do mental math calculations of the terrain around them, and properly judge how to engage a surrounding force without being harmed. They can predict where bullets would be fired on them from any angle, either dodging, or taking enemies out before they can attack.


Basically they can duel wield pistols (sometimes with melee weapons), and are superhuman to the point they react to, and take out a small army of gun toting enemies firing at them without ever being touched...while being surrounded.

While I've seen some shooters make integrate some exaggerated martial arts flavor to gunplay like the Hardboiled video game, or slow-mo gunplay like Max Payne...I've never seen anything like Equilibrium done in a game. The closest title would likely be Vanquish, but it's too based around cover, and shooting while ground dashing or vaulting...also the story and world sucked in that game.

What I'm imagining the game as is a combo between a character action title, and a third-person shooter. The better character action games, like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta, give your character a strong sense of speed and agility to move around, and of course solid melee combat. Third-person shooters allow for more accurate gunplay against multiple targets at once, and a third-person camera benefits the player to see the enemies surrounding them.

I feel together these two sub-genres could replicate the control and style of using guns as a martial arts style. To keep the idea plausible, I imagine it as a more linear game, but with levels that go beyond simple arenas, and players have different maneuvers to take on a situation in multiple fashions. Implementing different loadouts where you made use of some melee weapons with a gun, or different gun types that effected your style, and how fast you can move would be fun too. I'd even like to see the game embrace verticality with the abilities of a cleric, and have a robust traversal system to move around. I imagine some automation will be needed to keep up the speed, possibly through player controlled slow-mo, or letting the player engage their avatar to automatically spin around while they use both analog sticks to paint targets with each gun for kills.

I just feel that some gameplay execution can be done to replicate what I see in the movie, and that the game could sell well because it's a different take on a typical action game...and to be frank action titles sell more than any other genre generally.

Now I could go into more detail on what other things I would do with the game, like how I'd engage the narrative and world interactively, how the traversal system would work, and go deeper into a combat system... but I think just the raw idea is enough to start this discussion out.

Now, what movies (anime, CG, live-action, etc.) would you Polynauts love to see made into a video game, and how would you like/imagine them to play?