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Reviewed by dave7204 (Currently owns)

Warning about VIzio Co-Star - READ THIS BEFORE YOU BUY IT. I ordered - not pre-ordered--it said they were in stock. 5 weeks later I get my co-star and it's a piece of crap. Firmware is completely broken and underdeveloped. It took me 2 hours to login and setup the dumb thing. I never could get my netflix account activated on it. You search for something and it can't even respond to the typing. I type in my email, and it types a thousand g's in a row, and you can't stop it. Have to back out and try again.

I emailed customer support. They say sorry, please call for customers support. Hassle!! So i call, and after waiting on hold to get their "proud to be in South Dakota Customer Service" i get nothing but attitude and ill-treatment from customer service.

He said under no circumstances, even though it's defective, will they return the product without charging me 10% restocking fee and return shipping. Such a pile of BS - they send me a product with broken firmware and then charge me to return it.

My first experience with Vizio -- and my last. Save yourself the trouble--go buy the Sony Google TV! Or get a Tivo. Or a Roku--do anything but waste your time and money on Vizion Co-Star.

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