This is my Next - Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5

Average reading time – 5 mins. Please don’t let the length put you off this post :)

So I’ve been a LG Optimus 7 windows phone user for the past 2 years. However back in March I began to sway towards the apple side after the purchase of the new iPad. Roll on to August/September however, and after already getting slightly bored of the iOS UI, I decided whoever impresses me most in September will get my money. So here’s a breakdown of advantages of each product for me.

Nokia Lumia 920 Advantages:

Display – this is clearly the best display on the market with 1280 x 768-pixels and 332 PPI
Camera – 8.7 mp, Pureview Camera. Image stabilisation, best low light shot performance
Battery – Not the biggest battery going. But still better than the iPhone and WP is more efficient
Design – Love it or hate it. Lumia design is beautiful, and in a variety of colours
Weight – heavier than I would like when compared to competing smartphones. But the iPhone 4s was too light for me and the 5 is even lighter/thinner. I like a sturdier feel and I’m clumsy as hell and tend to drop my phone!
NFC – really important for me. Not for mobile payments but for easy file sharing between other phones/tablets and even desktop when I get the HP Spectre One.
Accessories –iPhone already has a great variety of accessories. But expanding on NFC above. I am currently looking to buy a JBL speaker with NFC, wireless charging and coloured to match the phone. As well as Purity headphones (hopefully they do the free deal again in UK) Nokia and their partners have bought some gorgeous accessories to the table.
UI – WP and iOS are both a joy to use. But for me I have grown to love the Wp/Metro UI a lot more
Facebook/Twitter integration – no other platform comes close to the social integration ability of Windows Phone, and one can expect that to be improved again with WP8. As a sociable guy this is big one for me as I prefer the built in functionality as opposed to apps.
Ecosystem – will work well with Windows8, Xbox, Outlook, SkyDrive, etc. I’m already heavily invested in the MS ecosystem with the exception of my iPad.

iPhone Advantage:

Apps – I have over 50 apps on my WP and iPad. I don’t use many, but with iPhone you are guaranteed to get the new apps first as well as functional updates on a regular basis. That being said, I already have the apps on my iPad so I’m not really missing out as such.
A6 – the a6 chip looks like its gonna bring even more great games to the iphone5. Although in terms of speed/performance overall when operating the phone, I will have to wait until the hands-on reviews before I can fully compare the 2 devices.
Carrier Availability –
available on more or less all carries instantly. No exclusivity deals like the Lumia.
Availability – ships 21st September. I have a tendency to be impatient and buy in the heat of the moment!


Despite the poor market share and less popularity of Wp, I will still be using one for the next year. The iPhone is a great device but just not for me. Android is out of the question at the moment. I just hope when WP8 s fully revealed it blows me away as much as I expect.

Disclaimer: I am not saying the Lumia is the best phone in the world. Just that it’s the best phone for me. And am highlighting the great points that we current WP users should be proud and excited about. So, how about you guys, what’s your next?