Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #5:(Archived)


Does anyone other than SneakySpyGuy make these? Should we care about anyone else's? Because I mean...Another excellent one right here!

What the hell is going on you may be asking yourself? Why is this topic by BreadKnight? What happend to that issue of Batman I was going to read?

All valid questions, and here's the answer to all three, before Chaos went on his self imposed "Exile" He asked me to continue the weekly installments of Crisis for him, I'm sort of flying blind here so bear with me, but I'm going to attempt to keep up the features he put in weekly. And that issue of Batman is wedged behind the couch, Batman punched Joker in the balls in it, it's really good.

Featured Animation: Regular Show

Regular show....It's tagline is "It's Anything But..." I can't really think of a better explanation for this show, except maybe "Awesome"


Pictured: "Awesome"

The show essentially follow's the exploits of two twenty something slackers named Mordecai(The Blu Jay) and Rigby(The Racoon) Though it gives equal attention to it's supporting cast, with most of them having multiple episodes either focused on themselves with Mordecai and Rigby serving as supporting cast instead. The show's basic premise is seemingly normal enough, most of the episode plots have been done to death but that isn't the point of them, for instance let me give an example of the episode "Camping Can Be Cool"

-Start as generic "Make move on crush during camping trip" episode.

-Things begin to go wrong on the trip, basic sitcom style stuff, locked out of the car, in the rain without a tent

-This happens


Nothing any rational person wouldn't consider regular right?

Yes "Stagman" as he was called in the credits confronts them for camping in his territory(Which they were earlier warned away from by a park ranger), he rambles about the evils of society and then attempts to murder the cast with his bow. Each episode is virtually guaranteed to turn on it's own head with some kind of freaky twist, whether it be stagman, a gigantic head who holds the high score on a classic or some other kind of crazed event. None of these events just happen though, it's all cause and effect, whether it be spelled out or extremely subtle. I highly recommend trying the show out, especially if you're a 20 something slacker, it may just speak to you and your struggle against deer people.

Featured Comic: Civil War

What happens when the U.S government decides that super heroes can be just as big of a threat as the villains they fight?


Nothing good.

The premise of the Marvel civil war was simple, after an extremely tragic event involving some escaped super villians(Which I won't spoil here) the government decides that it's no longer a safe idea to let super powered individuals fly/swing/teleport around without keeping tabs on them, the biggest concession being the requirement for all heroes to register their real identity's with the government,Of course many heroes see this for what is is, a threat. You can see where this is going yes? Politics and people with super strength and the ability to shoot lasers, in no way is this going to end well.

One half of the conflict lies with Iron Man, Well known as Tony Stark and agreeing with the governments new rules, he believes it's the right thing to do.

The other is in the hands of Captain America, who is disgusted at the thought of Government registering and keeping tabs on people who are different from others(After all, it's exactly what he fought the Nazi's for doing)

It's never flat out simple throughout the 7 issue series, events happen in the Marvel universe that give weight to the views of both sides and many turncoats are prevalent throughout the series, lives are affected, innocents are put in harms way and the universe undergoes radical changes. One of the best event's Marvel has ever done in my humble fanboy's opinion.

So uh...yeah, bear with me here folks, hopefully Yoshi comes back and he can continue this wonderful thread, but for now, talk about whatever Anime, cartoon, comic, manga or whatever you want, were here to enjoy each other's company.

If you want to write a recommendation for the weekly Animation or Comic let me know! I have very little experience with Anime so I likely won't be able to give off fair recommendations in that regard.