High Expectations Eventually Lead To Loud Disappointments

Thanks for the reading the 1000th forum post about the iPhone 5. Appreciate you reading my post.

Anyway, back to the topic: Was the iPhone 5 event a disappointment? It all depends on expectations.

With Apple events, there's always an ace up their sleeve. A new innovation no one saw coming which lead competitors eventually trying to catch up. After the event, nothing much stood out. Kind of like last year with exception of Siri

Apple always does quality work. The iPhone 5 is no exception. Good build. Good quality. Except for the fact that it looks boring.

Looking at the landscape of smartphones and in my opinion, the iPhone is easily the most boring smartphone out there.

But Apple is betting safe. Why radically change a product when it's still selling like hot cake? If it isn't broke, why fix it.

It's not broke. It's just dull. You gave it a new color, added some new internals and made it look nice but it's still boring when compared to Android and even Windows Phone.

The new iPod nano to me was the best looking device out there today. Built in Nike+, bluetooth, etc. This will make a killing. Only drawback for me is the 16GB size. It will eventually increase in size i suspect.

The iPod touch is a better iPhone 4s with no antenna. Game devs will probably focus on that.

THANK GOD for an iTunes redesign. I'm just hoping it's performance is good on Windows. Any WIndows user will tell you that iTunes is the spawn of the devil. Here's hoping it's better.

I suspect the iPhone 5 will sell. Like clockwork. It's like a yearly ritual where Apple fanatics preorder new iPhones every year. But for the first time, I have to say that the iPhone is looking at some real competition.

Android is actually matured. I have a Galaxy Nexus (with Jellybean) and it is by far the best smartphone I've used in a while.

Windows Phone 8 looks good too. Once they get some big name apps on the platform, they would cement a spot in third place from the dying carcass of RIM. With the advantage of Windows 8, they have potential for some big things especially with the Xbox.

I'm in the market for a 2nd phone to go alongside my Galaxy Nexus. Expected some new goodies from the new iPhone. Didn't get much. If the Nokia Lumia 920 is everything is worked up to be (The new camera is a killer feature for me), I expect to get that.

So any iPhone 4s users looking to upgrade to the iPhone 5? What's your cause for upgrading and were you expecting more from the event