I'm pleased with the new iPhone and iOS 6, BUT....

Don't get me wrong. I sold my iPhone 4 in preparations to get an iPhone 5. Done deal, I've been down with the design since it leaked.


iOS 6 is lacking too things that irk me. One in a major way.

I am a huge graphics buff. I love UI design. I'm a big fan of Apple in this area in-particular. Mountain Lion introduced a nice new dock that looses that little wavy gradient and has more of a digital soft feel to it. A small design change, but I appreciated it.

iOS 6 does not replicate that dock. It keeps the old dock. Where is the parity?

Also, a minor gripe for me, probably large for others: Why on earth hasn't the Notification Center been opened up to developers for widgets yet? I myself don't need much more than the weather widget in it, but settings, twitter, etc. Those things would be a perfect match and seemed to be where Apple was heading with them.

I'm just a little confused as to why they would leave such a disconnect.

(Whining over now.)