How tied are you to your ecosystem?

So me (all in for Microsoft) and a friend of mine (all in for Apple) watched The Verge's liveblog from the Apple event and were discussing Apples announcements compared to Nokias/Microsofts.

One thing is for certain: he was very disappointed. He has an iPhone 4 right now (+Apple TV, MBP, iPad3 ect..) so he wants to upgrade this year. Problem: he has no choice but to "upgrade" to the iPhone 5, which has no notable improvements to the 4S - and nothing to stand vs the Lumia 920.

He told me that even disliking the iPhone 5 - he can't buy another one because his whole home and ecosystem is around apple. Lots of Apps, jailbreaking and money went into it.

One advantage over Apple 's ecosystem is, that with MS/Google you can buy other devices (multiple OEMs) - and finally we realized, that kind of Apples genius move. People can't just switch or move away from them. I guess that's why they also used the new "Lightning Dock" instead of USB (at least it was one reason).

It's really weird, not to have a choice anymore.

Anyone has similar problems?