Excited or Disappointed?

I'm excited. The features that the iPhone 5 offer are amazing. Sure they don't match the Lumia or the SIII spec for spec, but who cares? The difference is so minimal that it would be unnoticeable, especially with the optimization of iOS in play. And NFC. Who gives a ____? Having NFC could make it future proof....if NFC catches on. Maybe it will, maybe it won't. If it does, I can bet a grand that it won't be within these two years. And after these two years, NFC might be on the iPhone. Apple's implementation has always been great and maybe then, I will like it, but right now, NFC isn't that important to me.

I think the design of the iPhone is beautiful. Two-tone and all, they're both gorgeous. Should I get white or black. At least I have 2 days to think it through. :)

Software wise, it's iOS 6. I'm very tied down to the ecosystem, and I'm comfortable with iOS. Jelly Bean seems great, and I'm willing to try, but I still need iOS.

Camera. I hate those people who instantly begin comparing the Lumia 920 camera with the iPhone 5 camera. What's the point. Why not wait until real world results instead of relying completely on specs. If you don't recall, video stabilization was a major feature announced in the iPhone 4S. Perhaps it is not as powerful as the Lumia, but who know's. There is no reason to have such a set mind on which is better.


Was I surprised? No.

Was I impressed? Definitely.

Are there any things that I missed? Any disappointments I should be aware about?