A vacation from Android

The iPhone 5 has been unleashed and now it's time to jump ship so to speak.

I say that because, if the next Nexus is made by someone other than Samsung, I'll probably buy it as well.

But for now, my mind is set on the new iPhone. It ticks all the right boxes for me personally to give it a good, true consideration. Unlike the 4S, I feel that the few changes made to the chassis are enough of an improvement to make me feel reasonably good about switching.

My list of 'must haves' have finally been checked.

Larger screen


Stronger back material

Voice turn by turn directions

These four things have been my requirements for me to even consider an iPhone. Since these have been taken care of in one fell swoop, I'm gonna give it a try.

1. Who else is ready to try the iPhone?

And if not....

2. Why not?