RAZR M is a homerun for Verizon

More than half of the US already has smartphones. A small of those users are on LTE and a HUGE group of people are still on dumbphones. What Verizon really wants is a phone that can get those people off the bench and into their money making LTE machine.

Here are my observations just based upon my circle of family and friends and the sentiment of my wife who has a flip phone still:

  1. Smartphones are expensive (you can't sell a $300 smartphone to a new adopter)
  2. The new smartphones are HUGE compared to what they are coming from 4.7" phone when you are coming from a tiny cheap dumbphone?
  3. A lot of the smartphones look uninspiring. Plain plastic casing with a screen.

I think Motorola is going to shake things up at Verizon because the RAZR M hits a lot of areas where new buyers of smartphones were waiting for. It's a small form factor with an interesting design. It has LTE but it doesn't cost $300. Motorola also a lot of brand recognition in the US whereas the Pantechs and the Huaweis couldn't get much traction.
LG's most successful phone in the US was the Optimus One line because of the price point. I think Motorola is going to crush it because this is one of the best deals in mobile right now.

via lh4.googleusercontent.com