The New iPad SHOULD HAVE had the A6 processor!

Yeah yeah, I know it is Apple and that they love to obsolete their old hardware, but come on, the new iPad is out for a few months and Apple shoves those 4 cores into the iPhone 5, passing right over the iPad?

Now I have this iPad 3 with it's sluggish A5X processor, and it kind of pisses me off. Is there any reason Apple's phone should have more horsepower than it's flagship tablet?

Ever sincethe iPad was released in 2010, the newer iPads got the latest processor, and the iPhone soon followed:


iPhone 3GS - 800MhZ pre-A4 chip (2009)

iPad original - A4 Chip (2010)

iPhone 4 - A4 chip (2010)

iPad 2 - A5 Chip (2011)

iPhone 4S - A5 Chip (2011)

iPad 3 "New iPad" - A5x Chip (2012)

iPhone 5 - A6 Chip (2012)

Forgive me if my facts aren't 100%, I banged this out in 2 seconds. I'm just a bit annoyed, the new iOS 6 maps app runs like shit on my iPad 3, but looks like butter on the iPhone 5.