We don't need quad core, the iPhone doesn't need NFC

So, I'm exhausted from reading this argument. We have been notorious for using it, but it really isn't a good way to conduct ourselves. We have to start acting like we want these features, but at the same time, we have to not let anyone else fall into this too. Apple defenders are claiming the iPhone doesn't need an HD display, doesn't need NFC, and is fine at 4 inches. We say that WP doesn't need quad core processors. Let's call it a draw and just say, we want the benefits of quad core processors, and Apple fanboys should want NFC and a true HD display. Is that really so hard? EDIT: So, since some people are missing the point here... I wasn't saying that NFC and quad-core processors are going to add an equal amount to user experience, I'm saying stop pretending like we don't want these features! Remain open to new hardware opening the door to a better experience and stop pretending like we don't want technology to march on!