This is my dream.

My dream is that Microsoft does this, a surface Phone with Nokia, the surface tablet and windows 8 with that beautiful desktop.

One beautiful brand sending out one clear message of awesomeness.
Surface becomes a standard to be matched, a brand surface phone with a clear identity. And they would certainly be talking to people that wont to listen.
Just imagine the sheer beauty of it all.
Just take my money.


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I decided to write this post with all that is currently going on in the stratosphere that is the technology industry these days, I felt particularly inspired. The recent seismic shifts in the concept of ecosystems, battle of devices and the importance of marketing supremacy has made the tech industry a more interesting place in more ways than just new gadgetry. There is now a new aspects to the industry, It’s almost like a mini TV show or series with new drama’s and scandals (cough Nokia cough) different, players and fan-bases. It’s a beautiful thing to follow and frankly to be a part of this new aspect brings me onto my topic where people start to look beyond the individual gadgets and more to the company as a whole and their full product range, the simple brand loyalty. This is something that has been perpetuated by Apple in recent years ( I mean recent in terms of the industry i.e. 10 years or so). The Brand and what it stands for as well as what it provides has become so important.

This is something I realised most notably with the release of the iphone 5. As I saw the particularly uneventful and unsurprising announcement I it dawned on me that here is simply something much much larger at play here. The Iphone 5 in comparison to the current innovation on display in the market is frankly quite underwhelming. None of the awesome and forward driving ideas like OIS, wireless charging , NFC or GS3 eye tracking. But, and here is the big but , to be honest Apple in this cycle does not need any of that and some may say this is complacent behaviour but frankly I think it is part of the genius that is Apple.

Watching the videos of the iphone 5 creation and inception, I realised what apple is doing is

1. Selling their brand , and selling it so well.

2. Selling the idea of quality and luxury this is something that is a common theme throughout their product line. One can say it is because they have full control of all aspects production, software, hardware and marketing but I think it is because they have identified that this is all essential for the brand. I’ll come back to this point

3. 3 they are selling a good product one that is aspirational sysnonamus with luxury.

4. THEY ARE SELLING TO AN AUDIENCE WHO WANTS TO LISTEN and this is the genius of the whole thing.


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If you look at the history of the iphone form 2007 to 2012 It is a simple and effective strategy .Almost a magic trick , blow the audience away with a game changing device they never knew they could have and will never be able to really live without. Update it with features keeping it ahead of the curve and have it project quality. Do this in line with consistency throughout everything, consistency in branding, marketing and consistency in design language. Do this and build an audience who are interested to hear what you have to say and what you are selling, it is good enough that people are attracted to it because others are and they are attracted with such conviction then it just is infectious and spreads to more and more people.

So now with the iphone 5 all they have to do is sell to the people who are invested in the brand and the product. It almost doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing because everyone is listening to you.


This was all done through simple consistency in branding throughout everything, the names are the same and simple, the everything is clean and you get it the first time no one has to explain it to you. It is just told to you and you get it , simplicity.

With this I feel Nokia and Mricrosft have the brilliant opportunity to reinvent and streamline themselves to be compete at the same if not a higher level than Apple (my opinion at least).


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put this all together and make the best Microsoft (and Nokia a little) possible.