On the iPhone 5 and its Critics.

Today we saw Apple release their new flagship phone, the iPhone 5. I suppose the "killer feature" is the taller screen. Let's face it, this phone didn't introduce anything new or original. It's not a bad phone, but on a feature-to-feature basis it's nothing compared to the Lumia 920. But does it really matter?

If there's one thing the iPhone has going for it, it's the ecosystem, they have the largest library of apps available, and some would argue the best. It has iTunes and iCloud too. Everything syncs from one device to another seamlessly. There isn't another smartphone available that has an ecosystem that good.

There are a lot of people talking about how terrible the iPhone 5 is compared to the others. I think what a lot of people aren't considering is that they're nerds. Most people don't obsess over features like we do. Apple isn't trying to impress us, they're trying to impress consumers.

Like I said, feature to feature, the iPhone 5 is no match to the Lumia 920. But Windows Phone still has a major hole in what would be its flawless plot to kill Apple: Their lack of apps.