Apple you really hate apple.

iPhone 5 was announced today. it has some good incremental updates to it. but at the end of the day its still looks, feel, and act like a iPhone. But some people are disappointed. It's not really apple fand its mostly apple haters or android fans. they will not shut up about. They had no plans on buying the phone but they feel the need to post, blog, or comment about for the past 10 hours. Android blog sites are using the iPhone news just increase there hits on there site because they really have nothing meaningful to say.

Last year they got upset that iPhone 4s didn't have let or bigger screen. now that they have it they are upset that it has it now thinking they just playing catch up to most android phones. whats even more funny is that they are upset that it doesn't have nfc or wireless charging. Why are yall upset for it not having certain features but get upset when those features finally come out...i really don't get it. Are yall insecure about your own choices, is it jealously, please help me understand.

Apple is a very careful and simple company. they dont throw everything from a feature list and throw it on a table and build a case around it. Last year LTE wasnt ready for most carriers yet, big screens is nice but it has to still be useful for me to use it with one hand. Now i understand most phone manufactures are adopting NFC but that doesnt mean apple should jump on it yet. It's not widely available and its trying to solve a problem that people dont have. You still have to carry a wallet, where else are you gonna put your Driver License, Car insurance, Proof of registration, Medical Insurance card, Business cards, hell money. Wireless Charging sounds cool but what does it really solve. It may come around in the future but as of right now im not seeing the real use for it.

in my conclusion is if you really hate apple or just dont care for it much, yall should stay quiet. Because it people like y'all thats helping apple hype up the iphone. Apple aint really do nothing to pump up the demand for it. Yall are a very niche group of people but yall are very loud and its making yall look bad. Yall call apple users sheep but the wuestio i have for y'all is....WHAT DOES THAT MAKE YOU?