The Facts: Lumia is a better design.

So I saw a post that essentially tried to say that due to the Lumia's large footprint and thickness, that it is nowhere near as svelte or attractive as the iPhone.

To begin, I'd like to share my experience so far with my Lumia 900. Yes it is one thick girl, and yes it is a shade of Cyan that most people find disarming. Yet, everywhere I go, it turns heads. I pull it out for 5 seconds, and I consistently find 1-5 eyes nested on my pocket where my phone disappeared into. People literally come up to me to ask what phone it is, and they all agree that the Windows Phone Live Tiles are absolutely gorgeous.

I attended the NYC event, and I was given a rare chance to actually hold the phone and play with it, on the premise that I do not report anything I found that was not explicitly listed in the press reveal. The 920 is a large phone. But yet, it feels so... natural. Nokia gave the 920 a curved screen, and it's nothing short of a joy to hold. The rounded back nestles in your hand so beautifully, and it's weight gives you a lingering impression of a solid device; using my RAZR afterward left me feeling as though my RAZR was an inferior product.

When it comes to design, I think that the Lumia's take the cake. What Apple fans are rallying behind is the continuation of Nokia's design, but in all fairness, the iPhone has looked the same for much longer. So what is fair for Apple has to be fair for us Lumia owners and fans. My longstanding gripe with the iPhone is that it does NOT feel as comfortable in the hand as Apple likes to portray. While I wouldn't say that it is uncomfortable, it's sharp edges at the sides makes for a slightly jarring presence in the hand when compared to the smooth, curved sides of the Nokia. Also, the Nokia's buttons all being on one side make usage a joy; no fiddling around with the button at the top, it's right on the side where either your finger, or your palm rest.

I won't get into specs because we already know that the Lumia is superior in every way, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, no other phone can capture people's eyes quite as good as a Lumia, and even iPhone users regretfully admit to me that they think the Lumia is a better looking phone. Yet, it is also a smarter design. By making the body out of a polycarbonate material, the Lumia can absorb a major amount of impact force, whereas the iPhone in it's current iteration is sure to fall short of the Lumia's durability, as it already has with the 4S/900 comparisons.

It is hard to understand how beautifully crafted a Lumia 920 is, until you actually see it and hold it. While I don't prefer the yellow, the phone looks amazing in white, exquisite in red, and modest in black. That selection of color, but most importantly, the shape, makes this phone a stellar device. You can either go incognito in black, or announce your Nokia to the world in yellow. But yet, the phone manages to look playful or serious, depending on which color choice you make. The Nokia embodies a sense of personality within itself the minute you get to the homescreen, and ironically allows you to express who you are much more than an iPhone can, simply because of the wide array of colors, and homescreen customizations.

iPhone fans are certainly taking out their disappointment on the Lumia, simply because they haven't had a single shred of news today on anything innovative, and I'm sure they are all wishing that the iPhone had the features the Lumia has.

Nokia, I tip my hat to you. You were underestimated, and I plan on leaving Android completely the minute the 920 lands on Verizon.