Why Quad Core doesn't matter, but NFC/Wireless Charging does.

Let's take an objective look, shall we?

Quad-core smartphone processors do not really matter, because as iOS and Windows Phone 7.5 prove, you don't need a lot of muscle to be fast. However, the real issue here is that Quad Core does not add anything new to the way a phone is used in terms of new functionality. So unlike Android, which honestly needs 4 cores AND Jellybean to even be remotely smooth, iOS/Windows Phone show that cores don't mean everything.

But why does NFC and Wireless charging matter?

These two technologies bring end users a set of features that DO change the way people use their phones. Unlike quad cores which would only make the phone a little faster, NFC allows you to do new things with a cellphone that you couldn't before. Feel like streaming music? Use NFC to quickly sync your phone with a device. Want to move to another device? Just grab, go, touch, connect, continue. See a cool commercial giving away a free song? Touch the phone, profit. Want to send your data from the computer to your phone? Touch, download, profit. Want to send your number to someone else? Tap your phones, and enjoy.

How about wireless charging? The common argument I'm seeing against this is that it is unnecessary. I beg to differ. I have quite a few wires on my desk as it is, and when I need to get up and go, having to unplug and wrap another wire is annoying. Instead, I can get a fatboy pillow charger for my bed, have a wireless charger for the desk, and a dock at work. So I never need to touch a cable again. This is a big thing for a lot of people like me, who cannot stand wires.

What makes NFC and Wireless charging something that SHOULD MATTER is the fact that unlike having a faster processor which adds nothing new to the way you use your phone, NFC/Wireless Charging gives you two whole new ways you can use your phone to make daily life easier. It's the reason why Siri was such a large move; sure it may not be as useful to some, and is totally useful to others, but it gave iOS users a whole new way to use their phones, as did Voice Actions for Android, and TellMe for MSFT. These features may not be something radical and wildly amazing, but because they give end users a new way to use their phones, they are majorly important.