One reason why the iPhone always wins

People will moan about it not having NFC, a better camera, no OIS, less ppi than the Lumia 920, etc.

I admit, I'm not impressed by the new hardware exterior. I've seen those shiny metal edges on Sony Ericsson and Nokia devices in the past and I've seen thinner phones. I also hate that the camera isn't really any better.

What makes Apple win time and time again is the cutting edge apps and accessories that people develop for it.

Take this Polaroid accesory for instance. It transform your digital iPhone images into real instant Polaroid photographs that you can touch, caress and share with friends. Another example is the InstaCRT app that sends your iPhone photo to a computer in Sweden where it is displayed on a tiny CRT display then photographed by a Canon 7D before instantly being sent back to you

Yes, it's dumb to some people but it's fun. Things this cool and creative will never come out of the Android community, no matter how many Barista jokes Samsung comes up with.