Apple faked it

We've all been reading about Nokia's faked OIS promo video for the Lumia 920, however all the while a greater deception has been occurring unnoticed.

Apple led us to believe that they are the most innovative technology company on earth; that they are the ones creating the trends and leading from the front of the pack.

Now it has become clear that they are faking it. They aren't even able to keep up.

Let them eat cake

"you see, we're able to add a fifth row of icons"

When I read this quote I couldn’t help but face-palm. It's like this is the perfect embodiment of all that is wrong with iOS and the iPhone and yet they are complexly oblivious to it.

I couldn't help thinking that if we were in a movie this comment would be the spark, the turning point, the signal that the tides were turning.

Of course we are in real life, and this one iPhone will likely outsell every Windows Phone combined 10 to 1. Apple might not be leading from the front of the pack, but they have the inertia of a freight train.

The thinnest phone on earth

Over the years this has been the catch-cry from Android OEM's that have run out of ideas.

Now it's Apple's turn.

I've always argued that the extra weight\thickness of the iPhone compared to various Android phones is irrelevant. The important thing is that they are all thin and light enough to be practical as smartphones.

We can't start pretending that it suddenly matters now, just because the iPhone is the thinnest.

I'm bored with the iPhone

I'm going to be fair and not assert (for now at least) that the iPhone is boring per se, but that I've grown bored with the iPhone.

Even if Apple isn't keeping up with competition the iPhone is still interesting enough to grab someone's attention that has never owned an iPhone.

The trouble is that I do have an iPhone and I've been using what is essentially the same OS on the same phone for four years.

The thought of another two years with what is essentially the same phone is depressing.

Lumia 920: bring it on!

I was waiting to see if Apple could deliver with the iPhone 5 and now I have my answer.

Now if only Nokia knew how to announce a release date...