Can someone with the GM of iOS 6 and iTunes Match Check for Me

So I was running the beta of iOS 6 on my iPhone, but seeing as how I sold it on eBay and shipped it out this morning, I can't check myself.

I've been using iTunes Match for a couple months, and recently was getting very very sick of the lag it took to play a song on my iPhone. This was because a large portion of the song had to download before it started playing.

I've been using Spotify for most of my music streaming because of this.

But I heard that one of the new features of iOS 6 was iTunes Match Streaming. Meaning it would play right away, instead of having to download a certain amount of the song.

Can anyone check how that's working? Specially over cellular?

Not sure if I should start building my iTunes library with my picks from Spotify and cancel my subscription.

Thanks in advanced!