I would sell my nexus tomorrow, to get an iPhone 5 if...

I am an Android user, i really enjoy it, and no i don't hate Apple. I prefer Android, would be the better way to put it. But I have been an iPhone user in the past, I used an unlocked OG iPhone for 2 years, and an iPhone 4 for half a year (I felt it necessary to serve this caveat because I have heard plenty of moronic arguments about how as an android user I was "never going to buy an iphone 5 anyways", or that I "just didn't get it", or that I was "too poor to buy one" and therefore any criticism, no matter how valid was invalidated due to this, the basic standard go-to bullshit argument one hears everytime).

I would be lying if I didn't say that the iPhone 5 covers a lot of the hardware bases that I would like to be covered. But there are some things outside of the phone itself that govern my eventual choice.

I use T-Mobile because I get great value for services, with enough of a monthly bill difference between them and the next cheapest carrier, for me not to consider a change of carrier. Which puts me in a bind, because T-Mobile doesn't seem to be on the LTE upgrade path for at least another year, and won't offer the iPhone at all. Not to mention that by some freak miracle of wireless, it is the only carrier that doesn't drop signal deep inside the building where I work.

I learned not to buy any device on contract unless it was absolutely worth the 24 month commitment, (which to be fair, no phone ever is, even the iPhone 5) so I never did.

I also travel a lot, frequently out of the country to meet my parents, and therefore only consider GSM phones, for the absolute convenience of popping in a sim. Which made Sprint and Verizon, Non-starters (unless i wanted to pay exorbitant fees through the nose for the privilege of roaming)

This year Google did me a real solid by offering a monster unlocked smartphone for a cut-throat price and without commitment, and while the Nexus's build quality leaves much to be desired, and it's camera just barely suffices for the occasional casual picture, it was the only capable smartphone that was able to fill that picky void, with options as hilariously elusive as 1.GSM, 2.Unlocked, 3. Pentaband HSPA+, compatible with almost ALL GSM carriers I could throw at it.

if i was being candid, i would say those are the only real 3 reasons stopping me from considering an iPhone 5, as much as i would want to get my greedy grubby little mitts on it. Sure I 'currently' prefer the aesthetics and powerful utility of ICS/JB slightly more than iOS 6 (PERSONAL MENTAL RANK: stock ICS/JB > iOS6 > Touchwiz > Sense), but aesthetics alone won't stop me from switching to iOS6 or WindowsPhone for that matter. I like the fact that I can let my money do the talking, and buy whatever device i want for no other reason than simply a change. BUT...

If it's not practical, then it might as well be a beautifully chiseled and polished brick.

Are any of you guys tightly-bound to a device or OS, for any reason external to the OS and Hardware build of the device itself?