OMG Wii U priced Higher than PS3 and entry level Xbox - No Sh*t Polygon

This is just ridiculous how reporting is going on here, firstly Polygon doesn't bother to point out that Japan always pays higher prices for products and this is no exception, so of course currency exchange is going to be high priced.

Now I'm just viewing the homepage and I see the article: Wii U on sales December 8 in Japan: higher than entry level xbox 360 and PS3.

Well of course it will be more expensive because the hardware is vastly superior to that of either console. It's like saying "Xbox 360 dates, costs more than PS2 and Gamecube" of course it would. It's not using old parts from 2004 and 2005 that have been die shruken over the years.

This is the start of the next gen, it's not a current gen system. I may sound slightly angry but it's just that Polygon is meant to be a news site and yet they sound like IGN with that headline on the front page, it's like they're putting the Wii U in the same gen category as the PS3 and 360.

I get the whole why would consumers buy this over the PS3 or 360, etc but the fact of the matter is that this is still not giving nintendo that fair point of view. It's got a tone that suggests that people should buy a PS3 or 360 over a Wii U despite the fact people are assuming those consoles are going to be EOL soon.

Polygon, you're currently part of the verge, the verge is viewed by enthusiasts not casual consumers. We know it will be more expensive because it's not a current gen system but not by how much and in Japan it's by about 3,000 yen more expensive. Again don't do normal conversions because that's not how it works in japan.