Microsoft needs to get it right

The one thing that Android really got wrong is connecting to your computer.

Samsung KIES is horrible and should not have been allowed to be made EVER. I don't know how the rest of the Android OEM partners are getting around with synching etc. but I do know that if WP8 is to be successful Microsoft needs to take the lead on software.

I believe that Microsoft should make 1 software package thats works with ALL Windows Phone devices, a Metro app and desktop style app. They need to make it soo easy to use that even the most computer illiterate people can use it.

Metro has been proven to be simple, with all the account synching and app communication that goes on in Windows 8 your WP8 device would always be in synch with your PC/Mac. The Mac OS version of this app should use exactly the same design language and functionality, there is no point in alienating people for which system they use when it comes to this sort of application.

Just wanted to hear other peoples opinion on this because I am using KIES on my iMac for my GS2 and it makes me want to throw my phone away.