Nexus 7 MUST be purchased with Internet Security?

A friend asked for some advice for their daughter, as she'll be going to Austrailia for 6 months (we're in the UK) and wanted something to keep in contact with home.

I suggested possibly looking at the Nexus 7 given its price, but obviously try other devices (including phones) to make sure the daughter was happy using them.

The friend went down to our local PC World and was told the iPad was the better choice (despite my friend not wanting to pay out that amount of money), and that by getting the iPad they wouldn't need to buy Internet security. If my friend wanted a Nexus 7, she'd need to pay for Internet security to go onto the device.

I can't say I'm very clued up on Android (but do love the OS and what its capable of, plus the hardware), but I'm sure Internet security isn't a must have on a tablet (non-Windows powered)?

Knowing previous employees of PC World, I know they do really push for software to earn extra monies, but didn't think telling customers the tablet needs Internet security would be selling software ... unless they get more for selling Apple products than Google?

Apologies for the somewhat scatty question ... "it's my first day" - Homer Simpson