Congratulations Apple, Now you're just like everybody else.

Starting in 1997 "Think Different" was the phrase that described Apple for years to come. Starting in a commercial and then becoming the marker for Apple's innovative thinking and essentially what enabled them to be one of the world's largest companies.

To "Think Different" is exactly what Apple did in 2007 when they released the iPhone, the phone that would change the phone market for years to come. It changed the way we look at phones, and how we use them. What Apple presented yesterday shows that their glory days are behind them. They are being hindered by the focus on making money instead of thinking differently and revolutionizing the market.

Now the iPhone 5 is released, but what did we get? Bigger screen, LTE and software additions. Panorama might be cool, and useful. But is it not exactly revolutionizing. iOS 6, essentially new maps and tighter social network integration.

This launch isn't even more exciting than that of the 4S, where new features were added. Now if feels like an engineer just changed the aspect ratio of the screen to 16:9 (9:16), with the same width and made it thinner to make room for an LTE radio in the extra height.

Really, what happened to the company that revolutionized phones in 2007?

The competition is struggling to revolutionize and add functions, with Sony making waterproof, Samsung adding NFC without a real use, and Nokia being obsessed with cameras in their new Lumias. There is one thing that they could have done that would have been good for everybody, and in a way revolutionized how people use their phones. They could have added NFC. Why you might ask, don't we already have NFC equipped phones already? Well yes we do, but do they have a real use? No. The thing is that where Apple goes, everybody else follows. If they add usable and functional NFC, then others would follow in their path. And they would make NFC usable for everybody, with number of usages exploding. And they would have been seen as the initiator, that made this possible.

I'll give one more chance to Think Differently, or innovate. But if they don't, they will just be sitting and making their phones slightly and slightly better. Just to squeeze every penny out of the consumer. Without thinking differently, or inventing new things. I think the money just got too tempting for apple to dare to be visionaries. If they don't change, they'll find that one day there is a new visionary company that will have surpassed them.

Cowardly Apple.