IPhone 5 smoking fast. Wp8 has an uphill task

Guys check out AnandTech's hand's on with the Iphone5.


Its fast !! smoking fast !! . You gotta hand it to apple, they know how to create a great consumer experience.

I sooo hope Microsoft can keep up. If Win 8 is any indication, I bet they can, but the few demos of the 920 that I have seen, show the same speed as wp7.5, which is scary.

I am in love with the Lumia 920, and I am fairly certain I am getting one, but after looking at the Iphone video, the urge to see Wp8 in action has increased 10 fold.

What do you guys think, can we expect an ultra fast experience ?

P.S: Remember not to feed the trolls (just flag the ba**ards !!) :), Also Just because we love MS doesn't mean we can't give apple credit for brilliant software engineering.

update: Just to clarify when I talk about speed, its the third party apps. Wp has always been smoking fast on the UI front :) peace