Candy bar on a sea of black slab phones. dont you wish you were special? (thoughts and comments)

Its a fact that there are just too many people using black slabs and with iphones and samsungs flooding the market that you literally can't tell what phone theyre using now. With Lumia coming in different colors, dont you sometimes wish no one else would get these phones so you'd feel a bit special to be different?

I go to school and work, and see people with iphones, and latest androids (whatever version theyre on now) and they all have one in common, all black/white slabs. I'd sit next to students and noticed that I'm the only wp user. I'd flashed my wp (DVP) a few times and its an eye catcher. Wouldnt you wish you'd be the only one carrying a yellow lumia or red? I know microsoft is trying to get this OS to as much hands as possible, but sometimes I feel content with this amount of user. And I know this is a flagship they wont take down. It's pretty much just comes down to time when it catches more attention.

I dont care about spec sheets, I think it is more attracting to have something vibrant when your phone is out.

Got any stories with your wp?