Google Now Wishlist

I posted recently about how Google Now is Creepy and Awesome (though I'd say more awesome than creepy). What I love most about it is that it is pro-active to your possible needs, rather than just reacting to your requests, like Siri does. I find makes it far more useful as a "virtual personal assistant".

However, what excites me most about Google Now is the potential. It's pretty nifty already, but I keep coming up with more and more things it could do for you pro-actively. Some examples:

  1. If you search for a tracking number in Google, Google Now could provide constant updates as to the package's status. F5 keys around the world would rejoice.
  2. If you search for a particular product in Google, Google Now could notify of you of major price changes (either online or at local stores). This way you could grab things immediately when they're on sale.
  3. If you search for when a movie will come out in the theaters or on DVD, Google Now could send you a notification the day before that date.
  4. If there are major traffic incidents on or near your usual route to work, Google Now could send you notifications of that

Once we start talking about the possibility of smart appliances in the future, I could see even more possible uses. Google Now could notify you that you need to get gas, or that you need to change your oil soon, for example. The possibilities are really endless, and since Google has indicated they view Google Now as its own platform...I think it has a very bright future ahead.

What are the kind of things you guys would like to see added?