Skype's just pushed out a new beta of its Windows client, version 5.11, which adds support for logging into the VoIP service with Microsoft and Facebook accounts. With the update, Skype is further embracing the services of its parent company, letting users both sign in with a Microsoft ID and chat with anyone using Messenger on Windows, Xbox 360, or from within Hotmail /

Integration with Facebook has also been expanded and you can now use the app with your social network credentials, skipping the need to register with Skype directly. Assuming you have already signed up, both Microsoft and Facebook accounts can now be tied to your Skype login; the main benefit of this is a combined contact list, though the company cautions that it's still "working through" this feature and encourages community feedback.

And Skype is continuing to evolve its oft-criticized visual design, promising that this beta brings a simpler and, more importantly, "less cluttered" interface. Support for six new languages has also made its way to the latest test build, which can be downloaded from Skype's Garage blog below.

Update: The Mac beta is now available for download.