I'm actually excited for the Wii U

If I am being completely honest, I have to admit that I have been highly skeptical of the Wii U. From the first announcement until this morning, I thought it would be too expensive, have no compelling games, and offer nothing of value over an Xbox or PS3. But no more! I am officially excited.

That being said, I can still see why a lot of gamers won't jump in and buy one this holiday season. For me, I have a four year old and a three year old. I can't wait to bust out a Wii U for Christmas like my parents bought my brother and me and Nintendo oh so long ago. $299 or $350 is easily justifiable as the big, joint present for the kids this year. Throw in a launch game (which one is TBD) and mom and dad are heroes for about $200 per kid. Stuff the stockings, honey. We're good.

We have old Wiimotes and we have old Wii games and we have a broken Wii, so the upgrade (really that's what the Wii U is - an upgrade, not a new system) is a no brainer at that price.

Here's the bottom line, my kids (and kids all over the world) are going to think the Wii U is the greatest thing ever. It is going to sell like hotcakes. Sure, Dad is more excited for a potential Xbox 720 next year, but he is also going to enjoy the hell out of the Wii U with his kids.