How would you publish an Indie book/ book series?

Well I am an indie writer and am about to release my first book on Smashwords so I would like for some help on releasing my book. So far I have not done too much with social media, but I do have a website that i will be updating soon. Animal Conflict Series is the title of my book series and my first will be called Operation Hammer. But as an indie writer I can't go to book signings even though someone offered to sponser one because how will I sell products? That is my plea for help! Next even though I will probably overhaul the website's look soon with some new looks and a more sleek modern design (i.e. metro) I am horrible at designing a book cover. A book cover not only represents the book but also is a major selling point. What I would like to do is make a simple minimal design for the front and have a summary of the book and an author bio on the back. What do you think? Am I going in the right direction?