Hey The Verge -- Knock this crap off, please.

An Open letter to The Verge,

Hey guys, I love it here, great content, great community (most of the time), overall, fantastic...but there's this one thing...and I realize it's little, but it's kind of an experience ruiner. Now, I know that you have to pay the bills and keep the lights on, and that's why we are all wonderfully graced with a giant GSIII slap in the face everytime we come to this fine web establishment. I'm ok with that, really, I understand the necessity of advertising to keep the great content we all love free, but here's the thing, this crap:


via i.imgur.com

is just terrible. Certainly this doesn't generate so much revenue that the experience of having to click "no thanks" a couple times a week is worth it...does it?

Anyway, still love it here; first world problems and all that.

Thanks for listening, see you around.