Attention to detail that remained unseen .. until now (Dark Souls)

I'm a huge nerd for Dark Souls, as is well known on the boards, and find myself falling deeper and deeper into the lore and the story; picking up the pieces of the words spoken by NPC's, contrasting it against the world I walk in and making connections, finding yet more questions with the echoes. Reading of others as obsessed as I (waves at Fox555, Prince Luda), drawing their own conclusions and stirring the pot further still.

During the Prepare to Die PC release, one clever soul (hoho!) created a mod to see what, if anything, was underneath the NPC hoods and helmets in the game. What was found underneath was - fully formed faces - which would never have been seen beyond this mod being created.

It was important enough for From to shape these characters, with individual faces and characteristics, purely for them to know that there are individuals underneath - until now, and even it's purely on the offchance that this has been revealed.

It blows my mind.

Here's a few, hoping that it raises the heartbeat and smiles of the Dark Souls fans on the board as much as it did mine own. My favourite has to be Lautrec, who looks downright conniving and evil under that gold armour - and it's so good to finally look into the eyes of my beautiful Solaire. PRAISE THE SUN!










The rest can be found here.