WP8 - fashionably late?

So I'm seeing multiple posts and comments slating Microsoft for the late arrival of wp8 and the limited SDK. I agree the release is clearly later than planned, but personally I think it's a good thing. Despite the underwhelming iPhone event yesterday, wp would still be overshadowed if they released at the same or similar time. For me, 4-6 weeks is perfect time to wait before bringing wp8 to the world along with the momentum of windows 8 and surface.

In regards to the SDK, it is available, but limited. Whilst some theories are that this is because ms hasn't even Come close to finishing the features could well be correct. But have people not come to terms that ms don't want them announced yet. WP was never going to be released in September, so suppose wp8 has some mind blowing features that blow the competition away, they would be forgotten about in 6 weeks time.

Sure, we can compare this to apple who made the SDK public months ago, but we are not apple. Ios6 is a barely an overhall, it's barely changed from ios5, wp8 will be a major improvement to wp7. Also, apple can afford to release features when they want as people will buy their products anyway. Microsoft need to keep its cards close to its chest, then blow us away just before release and hopefully get a big boost in mindshare and sales.

In a nutshell. I know we're getting impatient, but I personally would much rather MS blow me away in 6 weeks time, with the phone available 1-2 weeks later. Thanks for reading