Hey The Verge - Fix your RSS

We get you want ad revenues, impressions, all of it. But there's no reason - ever - to make me jump out of my RSS reader (Google Reader on Desktop and Andriod, Reeder on IOS) mid sentence to continue the article. If it's a long article, I'm happy to "jump past the break" ala Engadget, I have no problems with that. But they do that well. They include a solid summary in the first part, and expand the analysis, editorial, review, or added media on the full site. But they do not cut off stories at a designated word count (somewhere around 130 for The Verge). I'm okay with you putting ads in my RSS feed, I like you guys, I want to give you ad revenue. But I use RSS for a reason and it's not to go to the website every single article.

Please fix this.

Oh. And a logo would be great for RSS fans like me :)