Windows 8 is absurdly stable and fast!

Just wanted to share my experience of using the RP and now on the RTM for a good deal of time.

My PC has a dodgy RAM stick that crashes the machine every now and then, just couldn't find the time so far to send the RAM module in for warranty. It crashed Windows 7 and Windows 8 RP every few days. Now I know Windows has been rock solid since XP SP2 and especially so with 7 but I have a compromised RAM stick here so that was to be expected.

However! After installing the RTM it is freaky stable, even with the dodgy RAM stick. I don't know how they did it, maybe there's some sort of on-the-fly error correction. I deliberately opened every single Adobe suite app and a bunch of others, started a bunch of jobs etc. and it holds! Ran memtest after and memory error is still there, so it's not due to some miraculous recovery. Nearly a month into use now without a single reboot with a dodgy RAM stick is impressive by my standards. Also the RP was fast, with the RTM responsiveness jumped up yet another notch.

I really feel that Ms has made a very high quality, industry leading product in Windows 8, whilst it may alienate some less than tech savvy classic Windows users I believe most will come to love the benefits it brings forth, if not for metro than just for the sheer performance and refinement.