A Sour Apple

So, the new iPhone. Looks great (minus those glass strips on back), has fantastic battery life with LTE, new A6 processor, just lots and lots of under the hood changes. And then we arrive at the lengthened screen, something that leaves me incredibly confused.

First, Apple apparently designed this iPhone from the ground up, rather than making it an iteration like the 4S. I mean it's an amazing engineering achievement, but considering that the only major change to the design is the lengthened screen, it is still an iteration. I mean sure, it's lighter, faster, thinner, etc., but was completely redesigning the phone worth it? All we get is another few fractions of an inch of screen. What is this exactly supposed to accomplish? It makes the phone look clumsy and extra long, adds almost zero extra functionality, forces developers to partially redesign their apps to accommodate a new feature almost not worth mentioning, and many more things.

I've always been an Apple fan. My first iPod Touch was one of the best purchases I've ever made. They have great customer service; I had my iPod replaced twice for free (shattered front once and random issues the second time). But I mostly learned to love them because they consistently revolutionized both the mobile and the desktop/laptop industry by taking huge risks and only making changes to their devices when the tech was matured and it actively improved some form of user interaction.

Lately, however, they have utterly stopped with innovation and making logical changes/decisions, barring the Retina Macbook Pro. Mountain Lion was almost a pointless update; all it did was give a desktop software some ugly iOS features, and although the notification system could be vaguely useful, they almost just copied and pasted their mobile notification system rather than rethinking it for a different environment. iOS6 was the same, mostly. Some small behind-the-scenes changes that I can't really complain about, Passbook but no NFC in the iPhone 5, and generally nothing exciting or revolutionary.

I'm mostly wondering if anyone agrees with me. Do you too think that Apple has grown relatively complacent/boring compared with the last few years? I'd love to hear what anyone else has to say or share on this topic.

One last thing; I am not trolling. If you can prove me wrong or disagree, alert me to this civilly. I'll happily change my views if given proper evidence or a good argument to do so.

TL;DR: I really miss the old Apple. I miss the days when I was incredibly excited about their release conferences. I miss being amazed by things that they created. I miss them shocking both the industry and I with new technologies or form factors. Can we have the old Apple back now?