Why do you think they’re so shamelessly and blatantly biased?

So the iPhone 5 came out and it will sell very well, even better than all the iPhones that came before it. None of that is shocking. It turned out that it is just a minor incremental upgrade compared to its predecessor and that the lumia 920 is SIGNIFICANLTY better and so a couple of articles were explicit and clear about how much better and fresher the lumia is. Again, none of that is shocking. The day the iPhone 5 was announced, bloggers, tech journalists, and social network junkies almost unanimously deplored lack of NFC. Again, not shocking.

But I am now officially shocked and dumbfounded! Because 24 hours after apple’s announcement, it seems that everyone changed their tone: now they are all in line, in support of apple’s exclusion of NFC. It is incredible. For every 1 article that mentions the superiority of lumia 920, there are 10 articles that extol the virtues of iPhone 5’s thinness and LTE while dismissing NFC all together. Bloggers like BGR, Engadget, slashgear, and gizmodo have completely switched to the apple-worship apple apologist modes; not only are they pouring praise on the new iPhone with ridiculous articles, they are dutifully, scrupulously--yet not so subtly-- defending and rationalizing apple’s exclusion of NFC. They are doing it one by one, as though they owe something to apple and must defend it with their honor. It is disgusting and bizarre.

But what is more disgusting than the tech blogs are the journalists who are actually trying to be "objective" and "independent": you see, the tech blogs are at least blatantly biased, so you kind of know what you’re getting and so you don’t get influenced; reading articles on BGR about phones is like reading articles on fox news about the dems; in fact, reading Jonathan Geller’s shamelessly biased opinions is just like listening to Sean Hannity; if god does exist, then both Hannity and Geller should be in the same pit in hell. But I digress. Back to the "objective" articles; even when they talk about how boring the new iPhone is, or how minutely incremental it is, they pretty much stop short of admitting that the lumia 920 is better or that the new razr is thinner. It does not matter that the 920 is not released; these journalists know the specs and saw the YouTube videos; still, they won’t admit that the Lumia is better. These articles are saying things like "the new iPhone is matched by……" or "the iPhone 5 matches its current competitors" or "new iPhone neck and neck". They stop shy of saying that the iPhone is outmatched. They just seem to have a hard time criticizing the iPhone, as though they have to be utterly cautious and careful before they make any criticism of the iPhone. It’s almost like their jobs are at stake. It almost reminds me of the way Israel is treated by American politicians and news channels. It’s like apple has this special political position that entails double standards when evaluating its actions and its products.

Just imagine if the Lumia 920 was iPhone 5 and vice versa:

This is what they'd say about the Lumia 920: Nokia made a mistake by not including NFC as it is the future and Nokia needed to go all out, technologically to compete in an increasingly crowded mobile market, even if NFC has not taken off yet. Further, we believe that the market has a hunger for large screens as demonstrated by the success of android’s latest Samsung phones and apple customers' wishes of a larger screen. We think Nokia could have made its screens a bit larger than 4 inches; we also doubt the experience of a 16:9 ratio.

This is what they’d say about the iPhone 5: once again, apple leads the pack in innovation, as the iMac maker ushers us into the new age of NFC and optical stability. While NFC is still premature, we believe that apple will catapult it into maturity. We are especially thrilled with apple’s new super-retina display, as it increased the screen’s pixel density, and hence clarity. The new iPhone is perhaps not as thin as the Lumia 920 or the new razr but given the new optical stability engine and wireless charging capability, we can appreciate the engineering feat of including such a marvelously big technological package in just 0.42 inches. We are convinced with Jony Ives explanation of the iPhone’s thickness and we concur with Phil schiller’s prediction with regards to the usefulness of NFC technology.

So now I ask you guys. Why does apple get treated with double standards by the press and the bloggers? Why the special treatment? Is it because those folks own apple stock? Is it because apple is an American company and in a difficult economy we want American companies to have an edge? Are these bloggers showing their patriotism by their bias in favor of an American company? Not trying to start a blood bath but seriously asking why….

Sorry for long post.

will also leave you with this funny yet disturbing video:

First Look: iPhone 5 (via JimmyKimmelLive)