So much negativity surrounding the iPhone 5 launch, why ?

Certainly people knew what to expect more or less. I don't understand the people's gripes with the fact that the design language of the chassis pretty much stayed the same, it's an iPhone it has to have that same signature design, corner radius and home button. I mean the iPhone 5 is a far bigger change than what the iPhone 4S brought to the table. This time the actual physical proportions and form did actually change and by a lot you could say.

I think it's not essentially the chassis design that's getting the cold shoulder, rather iOS itself and when coupled with the more or less near identical design language and layout of the chassis makes it appear as if it's the iPhone 4/S, just longer and not much else has changed. In fact not much did change, but we can't really expect it to either, advancement of mobile technologies will inevitable have to slow down a bit now that all the main concepts and functions have largely been introduced,

There' s certainly some valid criticism to dish out, but for the most part it's a solid device that does everything and more the average consumers require and in a way that they are used to. There's the more or less tech savvy crowd that reads and argues on forums such as this one and then there's everyone else and "everyone else" does not really fancy adopting to new user interfaces and or straining their mind around tech in general.

From a tech-savvy users perspective there's a lot wrong with the new iPhone. From an average consumers it's the bee's knees ! And we all know that in the end money talks and bullshit walks.

For what it's worth my personal gripes with it are as follows:

No NFC: This is stalling the whole industry and mass adaptation of wireless payment systems and range of other great uses that NFC can be applied to.

iOS needs a UI upgrade: Why fix something that's not broken right ? Well in this case I would not say "fix" rather advance. One can't deny that the competition has introduced some great new functional UI concepts that make the operating system feel more dynamic, interactive and not lock away apps. Than again the average consumer would probably be more alienated by these concepts so I can see why Apple still keeps their 73 degrees and sunny icon.

In the end the tech-savvy users need to get over themselves and realize that Apple is making this product for the masses and according to its research the best way to rack in the most money is with very minute to no UI changes, instead focusing on refinement of the software, developer technologies and tactile qualities of the product.