The "I Need Help!" Topic!

Hello everyone! I want this topic to be one in which anyone can get help for the games they're playing. I hate getting stuck on games, especially when it's something a walkthrough or FAQ can't fix.

This idea stems from this my frustration from Borderlands, which I'm trying to beat before the sequel comes out on Tuesday!:

Guys I’m trying to beat Borderlands but I can’t.
I’m stuck trying to find Tannis or whatever her name is and these three soldiers are in my way and one of them has an endless rocket launcher that just keeps killing me over and over.
Should I just grind my way out or what?

So, that's the start! If anyone can help me out, much appreciated. If not, just that is perfectly fine. Feel free to post your own predicaments and we'll try to help you out!

Unless it's Borderlands related. Then I can't help you out. I suck at this game...