Where is My Next? Apple's Swing and a Miss.

Like 100% of the tech world I was glued to the screen to see what Apple would bring to the table yesterday. I am sorry to report, that in this mans opinion, they under delivered. Granted, every singe thing......about every single thing was leaked time and time again but I was still hoping for something more. I just felt let down in a way. I wasn't "Wowed", I just felt like, "hmmm, ok that was nice". I wanted, dare I say it, "Magic". Instead I got the equivalent of Apple bringing a cheap magician on stage (*cough* "Samsung" *cough*) to show me things that seemed amazing, until you realized there was nothing there. Now, before I continue, let me say I am not talking about the iPhone. It's a nice phone all around. It will be competitive with todays crop of fresh, pressed, tech. I am not talking about the Lightning cord either. I am also not talking about the iBuds, or whatever they are choosing to call them. I even think the new iPod touch, is in pretty much every way an improvement. Well, except that lanyard. I'm sorry but even in high school those weren't cool, and the Touch is not a camera. My sole let down, what I watched the event at all for, was the iPod Nano.


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Now before you stop reading, assuming you've started, let me make my point. My point isn't JUST about the design, this is way bigger than that. I feel Apple, as a whole, missed a WHOLE new opportunity to step out in to a new market that has already begun to form underneath their noses. This category known as "Wearable tech". When they redesigned the new Nano in the shape of iPhone Mini, they basically dismissed this category as fodder. I think that was a mistake. The LunaTik Watch, The Nike Fuel Band, The Nike HyperDunk+ shoes, The Pebble, and Google Glass are not fads. Nike, of all companies isn't stupid. Nike is the Sport world's "Apple", and if they are investing (heavily) in this, that warrants attention. The same goes for Google's glass.


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There is a reason people have been clamoring after the Nike Air Mags, since the second BTTF movie hit theaters. The concept of Smart Shoes. Little by little Nike has started to realize how they can get this to work. I'm not suggesting Apple go make my kicks, but the concept of an" iWatch" is such a ridiculously obvious idea, it's almost astounding. This is an area that, they could have made the category make sense. The pebble is e-ink. The Nike fuel band while useful barely has a display. The New Nano could've been so much more than it is now. Imagine this device with me. Slightly bigger screen, higher pixel density, better battery, Bluetooth 4.0, App extensions that tell you anything from when you have a new comment, text, or call. Imagine it's tied into the phone's GPS with Nike+ so when you've ran 1.5k it'll let you and you friends know automatically without you having to tell it it to.


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I'm still holding out a small sliver of hope that When the iPad mini is announced, they might have "1 more thing". That the concept of an "iWatch", a "smart-watch", isn't lost on them. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Apple fanboy. Hell I just wrote something about how I wasn't a Microsoft fanboy not too long ago. It's not that I want Apple to win, it just seemed like such a "duh" moment to me that I'm surprised they missed it. They could define this category like they had with Phones and Tablets, but they didn't. It's the fact that they didn't seems very.....un-Apple of them. It's not that I want them to "win" or something. Hell, if Microsoft announces a smart watch I'm all for it. I just like cool tech. I do feel however, that this does lead me back to iOS6. See, the smartphone, and tablet already existed long before Apple. They just redefined it. It's easy to redefine what's already there, improve upon it. I'm not saying it didn't require work, it did. They are good at it. But I'd like to see, what I think most would have liked to see with iOS6, some risks. Something a bit more 'different' than what we’ve been seeing.


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Again, as Josh would say, "this is just one's man opinion". I'm just one man. BUT, I do feel something was missing Wednesday . I do feel like things were left on the table. It's easy to say that about any product, "Why doesn't it have this?" or "How could they leave that out?". But I feel as if they kept some "Magic" bottled up. A device was missing the other day, and for once, it wasn't one we've heard being leaked out before.