in a parallel universe..

Hi all,
this is my first post here in the Apple Core.

My main intent: To offer an alternate perspective on all the (heated) debate going on with the latest phone announcements.

Why? Well, mostly, because I see a lot of hostility on both sides of the camp (okay, i'm referring to the Lumia v iPhone of course.) and I don't see why it even has to exist.

Most of it goes..
1 - The Lumia has XYZ
2 - The iPhone doesn't have XYZ
3 - WP users go "the Lumia is better!"
4 - The iOS users go "it's not necessary!"
and then everything goes downhill.

There are 2 main points I'd like to raise

1 - The iPhone when it first came out.. With it's touchscreen interface etc, was initially not considered to be anything but a gimmicky newcomer (i'm not saying it sucked - i do believe the industry opinion then was that it wouldn't take off.) The overall opinion was that touchscreen's aren't necessary etc etc - it's been so long ago i can't remember what challenges the iPhone faced coming to market.

Yet, today with the benefit of hindsight, we obviously now know that the iPhone was a milestone in industry development; it was a runaway success to this day. Remember: touchscreen tech was nowhere near mass-market adoption. Touchscreen watches, touchscreen PDAs, much of the existing touchscreen tech was not apparently relevant to the consumer - Apple found itself a niche that nobody else had recognized, and they pulled it off marvelously (obviously, there were shortcomings of the original iphone, but still those were disregarded in the long run.) - today we find many of the original iPhone's implementation of technology present in their various forms in the smartphone market (regardless whether they were influenced by or copied from apple's work)

Point: Nokia is at that stage now when it is introducing an as-of-yet unpopular feature (NFC and wireless charging for example.) to the market. I'm not saying that they have a sure-win on their hands, but just to say that for every success on the market there are often many failures lurking in obscurity - Nokia's Lumia could go either way, and whoever's side one is on, there's no point passing judgement on these features and claiming their superiority/inferiority.

2 - Not to be cynical, but I do have an impression that there is a certain pre-disposition to view the proceedings through different lenses for different parties. No, i'm not bringing in the reality distortion field or accusations of biasness or whatsoever - it's just a byproduct of being so used to Apple's consistent product performance that for a large part we assume (as a result) that apple's product decisions are of sounder nature.

In a universe with no Nokia (bear with me), if the iPhone 5 included some of the tech the Lumia 920 brings to the table, we would definitely applaud Apple for bringing a leap forward in mobile imaging technology/screen sensing technology. Fanboys or not, I do believe the general tech community appreciates the technology/the implementation of technology in the iPhone 5 - and we do appreciate how the miniaturization of components that Apple has brought with it's latest offering. But why then are we downplaying the significance/capabilities of what other hardware makers like Nokia have brought to the table?

I don't expect the general public to actually be aware of the advantages one product has over the other - it eventually comes down to a purchase decision and then the consumer having post-purchase expectation management. No problem there. But at the very least, I assume we're all here out of a love of tech - shouldn't we be equal-opportunity tech lovers?

Just to end off:

Apple iPhone 5 lovers: Don't you wish you had a f/2.0 aperture? (or OIS, pick one.)
[just using camera tech as an example - no need to say how the camera's not a big deal/not important - it may not be to you, but some would like that i'm sure.]
WP lovers/supporters: Don't you wish you had (presumably) more powerful graphics processing capability?
[again, just an example - don't need to say that WP doesn't need the processing ability because it's optimized etc.. think of the games perhaps. and no need to say that games are unimportant, please? it matters to some people.]

If you got this far, thanks for your time!
I'm pretty sure I lost track of what I meant to say (I've been typing this between and during classes), but perhaps you can see where I'm coming from.
I'm certainly not intending for this to be a troll post, and I do hope my choice of tone shows that clearly.

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