iPhone 5 Pre-Order, Did You? How was it?

I just happened to head to Verizon's site at 2:45AM, big splash screen iPhone 5 pre-order starting at 3:01AM message displayed. I click it and down bottom I noticed Reserve by Pre-ordering message now nicely tucked away, clicked it and boom I was on my way to getting my iPhone 5. By 2:59AM I got my order confirmation email.

I must say this was the easiest pre-order of an Apple product I have ever experienced.

So, did You pre-order? How was the experience? Which one did you get? What Carrier? Did you buy off contract like myself, or on contract?

Edit: So, yeah, I ask you guys to share and I forgot to do so myself.

I got the 64GB Sexy, Sexy Black Verizon iPhone 5.