When the *Bleep* is the Play Store gonna start filtering tablet and phone apps.

What are there like 5 tablet apps on the play store that's shame fully stopping google from flicking a switch? its been what Honeycomb, ICS, Jelly Beam... 2.5 years since the tablet Android lunched.

Theres like a million fandroids trolling every section of everywhere spreading crap about how Android is this, Android is that, I don't care about what version of Android you pretend your pillow is at night, the useless fanboi wars have rendered such obvious flaws pushed aside,

so hello, where are you Fandroids? how do you define this. Also lets put aside I had to root and flash custom roms on my Iconia just to get the newer Androids cause yes Android isn't fragmented, its "Open", its "Blah" and also "Blah"

that Acer CEO guy is that last guy on Earth that should be giving MS instructions on how to handle a tablet.

Or maybe its only me that's gets annoyed every time I download a app and turns out its a phone app. The rest of the FanDroids enjoy it perhaps?

Oh and yes I am aware how you FanDroids think, despite not mentioning apple, I am deemed a 'iSheep" cause I called out a flaw on Android.. yes push aside the real issue and lets argue over me being a iSheep cause thats gonna solve this simple problem.

A tablet is useless without apps made for it, Android Jelly Bean is a good looking OS I love to use but its a joke when it comes to play store.