UK iPhone users - advice/help on upcoming 4G plans...

Hi all.

Over two years ago I bought an unlocked iPhone 4 outright from Apple and since then have been using a great 30-day rolling contract from O2.

I would ideally like to do the same this time. However, obviously 4G is involved now so it's not as simple as that.

To get 4G we have to sign up to Orange or T-Mobile and then be moved over to EE.

I'm hoping that EE will announce some sim-only monthly plans. For those more in the know, if I chose to go down that route, buy the iPhone outright again and use an EE monthly-plan, would that mean I would have access to LTE? Or do you think I would have to sign up to a specific 18/24 month iPhone contract to be able to access LTE speeds?

I appreciate this may all be answered when EE announce their tariffs, but that may not be for a couple of weeks. If people have a good idea then I'd be grateful for any advice! Cheers!