This iPhone I am going to push for 4 years

New form factor, great design, weight and size. I went with 64Gb Black.

I feel as though we have plateau'd in the smart phone world, this is it from here on out. This is where I've accepted that Apple will lose the poll position and the other devices will take over, sorta like how the PC and Mac war all over again. Though Apple will still be around still making the best looking devices, and I believe that the OS will have 1 major revolution like when they jumped over to OSX.

I just don't see functionally what more we need from our phones. Perhaps the day when the processors in phones can compete with laptops today there might be an eventual push to use the device for both productivity and phone, but I'd see tablets replacing laptops far before phones do.

I have accepted the truth we are nearing a final product and I'm happy with running this phone down to the point that I can no longer give it an OS update. I think that should be 4 years, and 4 years at the speed we are running should be considered an eternity.

I've got a 4s currently, somehow I justified to myself that this would be my second write-off against my business, that I would find some way to get some tangible ROI from this device by coding some apps on the App store, but I've no clue what to make right now, the store is only getting more congested each day. Not to mention my macbook is 2007, still performs fantastic functionally, but I could really use some more juice if I want to look at ipad3 development.

I wish we had some access to program/code over the home screen, I just wish that there was something else done with that extra real-estate over adding an additional row of icons. 5th row just feels lazy/uninspired. I'm certain they could have done something Apple like but they just haven't figured it out yet.