Polynauts LIVE on Saturday: Talk about gaming with Paddy, Shaun and Paul.


This Saturday, as stated a few days ago, we're attempting our first podcast which has the temporary title of Polynauts LIVE. We have a couple of ideas on that but we'll see how this trial goes first. It might be awesome, it could very well be a disaster but who knows! Let's find out!

This weeks hosts will be myself Shaun McIlroy, PaddyStardust and xMP44x. We might add to that across the show so if you're interested in a specific segment - email me.

Reference times are London 8PM BST, New York 4PM EDT and San Francisco 1PM PDT.

To participate all you’ll need is the following:

  • A computer
  • A Skype account (with no credit)
  • A microphone and headphones if you're calling in to prevent feedback.

We encourage you to tune in via Mixlr, and join in the podcast via Skype (free) by adding the 'Polynauts' account and calling in live.

So far we have the following discussions planned based around recent gaming and technology coverage which includes:

This isn't going to be as professionally produced as you'd like (we're new to this), but expect a cleaned up version for download next week, if you do miss the show.

In closing, lets see what happens and if we do it again we can tighten up the bolts moving forward - but we look forward to talking to as many of you as we can on Saturday night.